Welcome to Linwood Mens Shed (and community shed)

During RED Traffic Light Status we are having to restrict numbers on wet days at the shed. If you book ahead we can guarantee your space otherwise feel free to come and see what spaces are available.

Our Covid 19 policy and requirements are here : https://linwood-mens-shed.org.nz/covid-19-requirements/

Open Hours

We are open as a Mens shed

Mon: 10am-1pm
Tues: 10am – 1pm
Wed: 10am – 1pm

Community hours (all welcome)

Mon: 1pm – 3pm
Wed: 1pm – 3pm

Feel free to contact us or drop on in for a cuppa and a chat. We welcome people of all skill (or lack of skill) levels.

Bird Feeder Completed

Simple Bird Feeder From Fence Paling

The following bird feeder is simple to make, requires very few tools and costs very little. We adapted some ideas we had seen and turned out this feeder as part of Dementia Canterbury’s twice monthly wood working group who meets at Bunnings Shirley. Materials: Fence Paling Wood – 150mm wide x 400mm long. Either 19mm […]

Garden Planter box Made From Fence Palings

How Many Things Can You Make From A Fence Paling?

We love fence palings. Fence palings rock. So many of the jobs we do involve fence palings: Tool Boxes; Raised Gardens; Planter Boxes, Shoe Scrapers, Kindling / Wood Boxes and of course – fences. Some of the reasons we use fence palings are: Easy to get: We know we can get them from Bunnings, Mitre […]

Wooden Raised Garden - Sketchup Plans

Instructions for Making Raised Gardens From Fence Palings

One of the more common jobs the LMS gets involved in is making raised wooden garden beds from fence palings. Normally the requested work doesn’t arrive with the instruction to use fence palings, but after reviewing options it’s normally decided that fence palings are the best and most economical option. Feel free to read why […]

Linwood Primary Dodge Ball Pit

Bunnings Riccarton approached us to help with one of their community projects – building an Israeli / Gaga Dodgeball pit. They would provide the wood and provide some expert hands for installation if we could build the pit and get it ready fro them. Of course we said yes. The results of our efforts are […]