Valentines Day 2019

Materials: 140mm x 18mm pine (can be other size) PVA / Hot glue Polyurethane Gear: Coping saw Glue gun for hot glue Sand paper Hand saw Pencil Clamps or vice Time: 60 minutes Plans: PDF Instructions Word Instructions Notes: When cutting out the shapes, make sure there is a lot of support otherwise the wood […]

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Wooden whale holding phone and letters

A Whale Of An Organiser

Materials: Dressed 100 x 50  pine. (90 x 42  or 90 x 45) Polyurethane (optional) Gear: Sand paper (180 grit ) Files (square and round) Coping Saws Felt Pen / Pencil 10mm drill bit and drill Clamps / vice. Hand saws Ruler Time: 60 – 90 minutes Plans: Downloadable Instructions (DocX) Traceable Plan Sketchup File […]

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