Wooden whale holding phone and letters

A Whale Of An Organiser


    • Dressed 100 x 50  pine. (90 x 42  or 90 x 45)
    • Polyurethane (optional)


  • Sand paper (180 grit )
  • Files (square and round)
  • Coping Saws
  • Felt Pen / Pencil
  • 10mm drill bit and drill
  • Clamps / vice.
  • Hand saws
  • Ruler



  1. Cut a 150mm length of 150 x 50
  2. Copy the design onto the wood
  3. Drill a 10mm hole at the end of the mouth and bottom of tail
  4. Cut down the lines of the mouth and tail with a coping saw or hand saw
  5. File out the mouth and between tail and body
  6. Cut the body out using the coping saw
  7. File and sand smooth then polyurethane

(Optionally) You can drill holes in the top pencils