Introduction To Wood Work

Learn Woodwork Group

A six week wood working course

Starting Tuesday 15th February 2022


Time: 1:00pm until 2:30pm

Location: 332 Linwood Ave, Linwood, Chch.

Run By: Shane Hollis of Linwood Resource Centre / Linwood Men’s Shed


This course is designed to allow people to:

  • Learn how to use basic wood working tools
  • Learn some of the fundamentals of wood work
  • Get to know others with a similar interest

Each week a small project will be given to the participants. The project will teach a skill and introduce a new tool. As the course progresses the projects will become more complex and build on the previous weeks of learning.

By the end of the course the participants should be confident in the use of the basic wood working tools found in the community workshop at 332 Linwood Ave, and will be able work independently on self selected projects. It is hoped that at the end of the course the shed will be available for those participants who may want to continue using the shed for their own work.


Equipment Required:

  • Closed toe shoes :- no sandals, jandals or open toed shoes allowed. This is for your safety.
  • Practical clothes – you will get dirty, dusty and possibly even gluey. Clothes should not have baggy sleeves or draw strings – again for safety reasons.
  • Warm jersey: The shed is open to the wind so can get cold.


If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact Shane.

Ph: 022 062 0744 ( Monday  – Thursday )




The Linwood Resource Centre, 332 Linwood Ave, is next to the council building that is on the corner of Smith Street and Linwood Ave. There is parking on the street or in the next door car park


Suggested Learning Plan

Project Tools Skills
1 – Tool box / BBQ kit box Battery drills, hand saws, drill press Measuring, pre drilling, screwing, hand saw usage
2 – Serviette holder Scroll saw, band saw, sander Measuring, gluing, pre –drilling, shaping
3 – Passive speaker for phone/ Bird Feeder Jigsaw, drill press, scroll saw Internal hole cutting, gluing, clamping, finishing
4 – Simple box Drill press, dowels, table saw, sander Dowling, precise measuring, clamping, gluing, nailing
5 – Simple box continued. Lathe introduced Poker work machine, sanders, chisels, scroll saw, plane Hinging, cutting rebate, basic wood turning
6 – Lathe continued Wood chisels, lathe As above continued


The learning plan is a suggested plan, as participants may get through projects more quickly than expected or need longer to complete projects.

The goal of the projects is to teach specific skills and gain confidence. If an alternative project is suggested, that allows the skills to be learned, then they might be used instead.